Accessories for Mobilty

/Accessories for Mobilty
  • Your cane finally has a home! Now you can truly maximize your mobility having both your walker and cane – together. No more struggling with how or where to place your cane with your walker. Nova’s innovative Cane Holder attaches to any walker and provides a perfect and secure home for your cane. It is so easy to remove your cane for use, and just as easy to place it back in its holder. The Cane Holder only fits canes with a 7/8” diameter. UPC Number: 652308100069 Sales Um: Each Size L: 11″ Size W: 8″ Size D: 4.5″ Weight: 0.3 lbs
  • The Deluxe Cup Holder CH-1000 attaches easily to all walkers, wheelchairs, bed rails, and transport chairs, adjusts to hold different sized items, and folds up when not in use. No tools are required. UPC: 652308710008 Sales Um: Each Size L: 6.5″ Size W: 3.25″ Size D: 9.5″ Weight: 0.46 lbs Diameter: 2.25″ – 3.75″
  • The Deluxe Folding Walker Bag is for 4070 and 4090 Series Folding Walkers Bag. UPC: 652308114844
  • The FL-2000 Flashlight fits any mobility device with 7/8” – 1” tubing including bikes and strollers. It easily attaches by snapping on and off, rotates 360 degrees and 1 AA battery is included.
  • The folding walker bag (Aloha Pink) attaches securely to the 4080 and 4090 series folding walkers. It attaches to the front of the walker and has two roomy pockets for storage. Many items can fit inside such as reading glasses, a book, and a remote control. The bag comes in fun colors that will brighten up your walker. Available in 2 colors! Dimensions: 15.5″L x 13″W x 3″D
  • This walker basket fits the 4090/4080 series Folding Walkers. UPC: 652308437004 Size / Each L: 18″ Each W: 7.5″ Each D: 7″
    • Securely attaches to rolling walkers, folding walkers, transport chairs and wheelchairs
    • Front, side and back attachment options
    • Spacious interior with two outer pockets
    • Comes with finger key rings for easy zipper open and close
    We love our Mobility Bags because they’re versatile, stylish and they allow you to go wherever life takes you. Their sturdy design, plentiful pockets and multiple attachment options make life on the go a breeze – and beautiful! Dimensions: 11″L x 11″W x 3″D
  • The tray for rolling walkers (4000T) fits models 4200 (Cruiser), 4203 (GetGO),4202 (Cruiser Deluxe),4212 (GetGO Super), 4215 (Mack), 4216 (Mighty Mack), 4010 (Cruiser De-Light), and 4201 (Cruiser II). * This tray does not fit the 4208 (GetGO Petite) or the 4202C (GetGO Classic. Size L: 15.75″ Size D: 1.5″ Weight: 1.5 lb
  • Add glam, add style, add luxurious feel. Make it all about you. Stand out from the crowd and make a statement! Fits all models except 4010, 4202, 4207, 4214, 4215, 4216, 4239, 4240, 4320 and 4323.
  • The Swivel Cup Holder CH-3000R attaches easily to all walkers, wheelchairs, bed rails, and transport chairs. It can swivel inward to fit through tight spaces and adjust to hold different sized items UPC Number: 652308135269 Sales Um: Each Size L: 6.5″ Size W: 3.25″ Size D: 9.5″ Weight: 0.46 lbs Diameter: 2.25″ – 3.75″
  • The tray for folding walkers 4080 and 4090 is a convenient way to transport food and many items easily. Dimensions: 10.5″w x 16″l x 1.25″d.
  • The unique Dual Attachment options make this beautiful and functional bag universal. It attaches on walkers, rolling walkers, power chairs, wheelchairs, transport chairs and scooters. Dual attachment options: Back strap attachment with secure clip and two top adjustable hanging straps.
    • Top Full Zipper with key rings
    • Pockets and interior fully lined
    • Four front pockets
    • Small inside pocket with zipper closure and key ring
    Dimensions: 10.5″L x 12″W x 2.75″D